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Build-to-Rent Rental Prices 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on the UK economy. The year has seen a surge in house prices but what has been the impact on the build-to-rent (BTR) private sector rental prices?

These are the main observations of build-to-rent prices.

  1. London city build-to-rent prices are down by -13%
  2. Greater London build-to-rent prices reduced by -4%
  3. Manchester city centre build-to-rent prices increased by 4%
  4. Build-to-rent prices for houses outside London are holding steady

Analysis of London BTR rent (per calendar month – pcm)

While rents in some city centre apartment blocks are holding steady, most properties are showing significant reductions. The table below shows the movement in marketed rent for BtR properties grouped by distance from the centre of London. Browse and search London properties.

 PropertyDistance from CentreQ1 2020Q3 2020MvmtMvmt %
Studio<3 miles£1,240£995-£245-19.8%
<10 miles£1,420£1,377-£43-3.1%
<15 miles£1,735£1,690-£45-2.6%
<20 miles£1,110£1,118£80.7%
>20 miles£870£900£303.4%
1 Bedroom<3 miles£2,014£1,749-£264-13.1%
<5 miles£1,832£1,818-£14-0.8%
<10 miles£1,633£1,553-£80-4.9%
<15 miles£1,679£1,673-£6-0.4%
<20 miles£1,372£1,372£00.0%
>20 miles£971£960-£11-1.2%
2 Bedrooms<5 miles£2,456£2,369-£87-3.5%
<10 miles£2,188£2,050-£138-6.3%
<15 miles£2,130£1,982-£148-7.0%
<20 miles£1,763£1,771£80.4%
>20 miles£1,210£1,187-£23-1.9%
3 Bedrooms<5 miles£3,238£3,239£00.0%
<15 miles£3,050£2,705-£346-11.3%
<20 miles£2,056£2,056£00.0%
>20 miles£2,010£2,010£00.0%

Apartment Blocks in Other UK City Centres (pcm)

CityPropertyQ1 2020Q3 2020MvmtMvmt %
1 Bedroom£955£963£80.8%
2 Bedrooms£1,200£1,290£907.5%
3 Bedrooms£1,795£1,795£00.0%
Birmingham1 Bedroom£875£795-£80-9.1%
2 Bedrooms£1,195£1,150-£45-3.8%
Leicester1 Bedroom£695£775£8011.5%
2 Bedrooms£1,025£1,125£1009.8%

UK BTR House Rental Prices (pcm)

Build-to-rent prices for houses in the Midlands are trending upwards. Prices elsewhere are holding steady with minor tweaks across various developments.

Merseyside and Cheshire(pcm)
 HouseQ1 2020Q3 2020MvmtMvmt %
Ellesmere Port2 Bedrooms£650£655£50.8%
3 Bedrooms£763£768£50.7%
4 Bedrooms£875£880£50.6%
5 Bedrooms£875£845-£30-3.4%
Kirkby3 Bedrooms£713£715£30.4%
4 Bedrooms£785£785£00.0%
Liverpool2 Bedrooms£656£664£81.2%
3 Bedrooms£754£754£00.0%
4 Bedrooms£830£830£00.0%
Newton Le Willows3 Bedrooms£774£771-£3-0.4%
4 Bedrooms£915£915£00.0%
Prescot2 Bedrooms£638£638£00.0%
3 Bedrooms£798£804£60.7%
4 Bedrooms£893£903£101.1%
Runcorn2 Bedrooms£640£640£00.0%
3 Bedrooms£775£775£00.0%
4 Bedrooms£875£875£00.0%
St Helens2 Bedrooms£628£628£00.0%
3 Bedrooms£742£743£10.1%
4 Bedrooms£823£823£00.0%
Sutton Leach2 Bedrooms£615£645£304.9%
3 Bedrooms£758£775£182.3%
Greater Manchester (pcm)
 HouseQ1 2020Q3 2020MvmtMvmt %
Atherton2 Bedrooms£650£660£101.5%
3 Bedrooms£780£788£81.0%
4 Bedrooms£885£895£101.1%
Eccles2 Bedrooms£800£800£00.0%
3 Bedrooms£880£872-£8-0.9%
4 Bedrooms£988£950-£38-3.8%
Heywood2 Bedrooms£650£650£00.0%
3 Bedrooms£772£772£00.0%
Little Hulton2 Bedrooms£655£655£00.0%
3 Bedrooms£811£811£00.0%
4 Bedrooms£905£905£00.0%
Manchester2 Bedrooms£700£700£00.0%
3 Bedrooms£800£800£00.0%
Middleton2 Bedrooms£670£685£152.2%
3 Bedrooms£805£818£131.6%
4 Bedrooms£915£923£80.8%
Oldham2 Bedrooms£649£649£00.0%
3 Bedrooms£791£791£00.0%
4 Bedrooms£915£915£00.0%
Rochdale2 Bedrooms£620£618-£3-0.4%
3 Bedrooms£742£742£00.0%
4 Bedrooms£800£800£00.0%
Salford2 Bedrooms£758£758£00.0%
3 Bedrooms£892£892£00.0%
4 Bedrooms£1,223£1,223£00.0%
Walkden3 Bedrooms£866£865-£1-0.2%
4 Bedrooms£970£970£00.0%
Worsley2 Bedrooms£750£750£00.0%
3 Bedrooms£868£868£00.0%
4 Bedrooms£930£930£00.0%
Wigan2 Bedrooms£640£640£00.0%
3 Bedrooms£783£783£00.0%
4 Bedrooms£895£895£00.0%
North West (pcm)
 HouseQ1 2020Q3 2020MvmtMvmt %
Accrington2 Bedrooms£515£499-£16-3.1%
Hindley Green2 Bedrooms£630£640£101.6%
3 Bedrooms£774£774£00.0%
4 Bedrooms£885£885£00.0%
Morecambe1 Bedrooms£470£504£347.2%
Midlands (pcm)
 HouseQ1 2020Q3 2020MvmtMvmt %
Bilston2 Bedrooms£680£645-£35-5.1%
3 Bedrooms£798£778-£20-2.5%
4 Bedrooms£950£930-£20-2.1%
Birmingham2 Bedrooms£685£685£00.0%
3 Bedrooms£825£823-£2-0.2%
4 Bedrooms£953£968£151.6%
Coventry3 Bedrooms£823£820-£3-0.3%
4 Bedrooms£905£915£101.1%
Darlaston2 Bedrooms£665£675£101.5%
3 Bedrooms£797£804£70.9%
4 Bedrooms£945£955£101.1%
Mansfield1 Bedrooms£500£525£255.0%
2 Bedrooms£625£640£152.4%
3 Bedrooms£740£745£50.7%
4 Bedrooms£850£860£101.2%
Smethwick2 Bedrooms£680£685£50.7%
3 Bedrooms£810£820£101.2%
4 Bedrooms£950£950£00.0%
Telford2 Bedrooms£630£635£50.8%
3 Bedrooms£798£806£81.0%
4 Bedrooms£968£973£50.5%
Winsford2 Bedrooms£643£648£50.8%
3 Bedrooms£763£759-£3-0.4%
4 Bedrooms£895£895£00.0%
Wolverhampton2 Bedrooms£650£660£101.5%
3 Bedrooms£797£808£111.4%
4 Bedrooms£925£945£202.2%
South Yorkshire (pcm)
 HouseQ1 2020Q3 2020MvmtMvmt %
New Edlington2 Bedrooms£550£550£00.0%
3 Bedrooms£675£681£60.8%
Sheffield3 Bedrooms£785£787£20.2%
4 Bedrooms£889£876-£13-1.4%
West Yorkshire (pcm)
 HouseQ1 2020Q3 2020MvmtMvmt %
Bradford2 Bedrooms£620£620£00.0%
3 Bedrooms£755£755£00.0%
4 Bedrooms£865£865£00.0%

Note: prices are average per calendar month calculated from properties where we can confirm Q1 2020 and Q3 2020 advertised rent (per calendar month).

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