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A Better Way to Rent

As the build-to-rent market expands it offers an opportunity for renters. There are benefits to renting from one of these professional landlords rather than from small-scale buy-to-let landlords (that continue to make up most of the private rental sector in the UK).

Why JustHomes.Rent

If you are a savvy renter looking at the benefits of the build-to-rent market, then you may have had a difficult job trying to find all the properties available across all the developments in the UK. That is where JustHomes.Rent comes in. We can now offer you a portal to find every build-to-rent new build home in every new development from every one of the build-to-rent developers in the UK.

This means you can finally compare all the options in your desired location and hopefully uncover some hidden gems that would take you hours to find by searching the web.

By helping you uncover all your options from professional landlords we will help you find a property that will be a home. A home that should include many benefits:

24/7 access to the landlord

Unlike much of the buy-to-rent sector you should find that your landlord has put in place a great tenant (customer) service. Where you can contact your landlord whenever you them to deal with emergencies. Or during business hours for less urgent requests.

Maintenance to the highest standards from people who respond quickly

Your landlord should seek to offer you quick access to maintenance teams. Many have dedicated handymen and a local network of tradespeople who can handle your requests when needed.

And even if your property is a few years old it should still have that ‘new’ feel as the décor and appliances should be well maintained and renewed.

Peace of mind

Unlike many buy-to-let properties, your landlord should never give you notice that they want you out so they can sell the property, or make it vacant so their friend or family member can move in. That peace of mind is missing for many renters in the UK.

A sense of community

Many professional landlords offer community activities. For example, Simple Life Homes offer some family activities that can help build the sense of community. Along with social media channels that encourage engagement from you and your neighbours.

You will also find open spaces that help communities socialise. In apartment blocks there are generally communal gardens and lounges that will give you opportunities to meet with neighbours.

Some extras

There are a variety of other benefits of build-to-rent apartments depending on the developer and the development. These will include gyms and shops on site.

Whether you are single, a couple or a family. You will be able to find a home on JustHomes.Rent.

About Me

Mike Scobie - LinkedIn profile - industry experience: build-to-rent, Construction...

Until recently I was the financial modeller for the PRS REIT PLC and Group Financial Analyst at Sigma Capital PLC. Both organisations focus on developing houses for private rent in the UK. You will find most of their rental properties on DifRent and Simple Life Homes pages. Together they lead the market in build-to-rent private rental houses in the UK. Competitors include Wise Living Homes and Place First.

Sigma Capital also provide rental apartments. Their stock of rental apartments will continue to grow as their build partners complete developments in Greater London. Other organisations with apartment developments in London and in cities across the UK. Including Grainger, Greystar, Quintain Living, Folio London and others.

Author: Mike Scobie